In Bulgaria, in the IT sector, women are 30%, аt an average EU level of 16.7%. The closest to us are Romanians with 26% female IT specialists, and Slovakia is the last with 9.2%.

The combination of high educational standards and low cost makes Bulgaria an attractive place to train future British and Irish doctors. Studying medicine in Bulgaria costs between 6 and 8,000 euros per year, b...

There will be changes in the Regulations on the Application of the Labor Migration and Labor Mobility Act which will speed up the issuance of visas within seven days of the employer's request. Only a passport and a contract with an employer will be required, th...

Tesla will build a charging station in Plovdiv, which will be part of a network charging station, starting from Zagreb and ending in Edirne. For more technological investments in Bulgaria, legislative changes are needed to encourage such i...

Analysis of the German newspaper "Die Zeit" indicates that the "United Europe" is gaining new strength. The paradox is that Brexit has consolidated Europeans and today 70% of European

It is predicted by the Bulgarian Investment Agency (BIA), based on applications for certification from the agency. These investments will result in 6000 new jobs. The interest of investors was again directed to the seven priority se...

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