Greenland is an autonomous territory, which is part of Denmark. Between 1973 and 1985 is part of the EU. After a referendum in 1982. (53% vs. 47%), the island leaving the EU. Now in Greenland debating about returning to the EU. Some politicians

The index of this rating measures the contribution of a country not to their own people but to all humanity. Bulgaria is in 22nd place on the contribution of science and technology and 34th place in contribution to culture. The first 3 places are Sweden,...

China introduced VAT on all sectors of the economy and repealed corporate tax. The last sectors for which VAT was introduced on 1 May were construction, real estate...

The largest low cost airline in Europe, Ryanair will start flights to and from Sofia on 21 destinations. Flights to London and to Pisa will start in April, and other destinations in October. The investment will...

 Bulgarian Finance Minister announced in an interview that is in the process establishing a tax police.National Revenue Agency official...

New plant for filleted salmon in municipality Aytos will open n

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