"Bulgartransgas" EAD and eustream as will work to improve security of gas supplies in Central and Southeastern Europe and the realization of infrastructure projects - gas hub "Balkan" and the pipeline "Iystring" (Eastring) .With the agreement conf...

Bulgaria has moved from 54th to 50th place in competitiveness according to a report by the World Economic Forum - Davos. Bulgaria ranked before Slovenia, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary ...

Personal deposits with maturity up to 1 year

Leading British banks, according to charging interest of depositors. This will happen if the Bank of England lowered the base rate below 0%. Some bankers believe that this will happen, even if the interest rate of the Bank of England<...

Greenland is an autonomous territory, which is part of Denmark. Between 1973 and 1985 is part of the EU. After a referendum in 1982. (53% vs. 47%), the island leaving the EU. Now in Greenland debating about returning to the EU. Some politicians

The index of this rating measures the contribution of a country not to their own people but to all humanity. Bulgaria is in 22nd place on the contribution of science and technology and 34th place in contribution to culture. The first 3 places are Sweden,...

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