1.Support the payment of salaries to employees who would be made redundant because of the Coronavirus - up to 80% of the salary, up to a maximum of £ 2500. There is no restriction on the type of business that can benefit from the scheme.

2. The payment of VAT for the next 3 months until 30 June is suspended...
The ECB made the following decisions:

- Additional long-term loans to banks to provide immediate liquidity;

- An additional € 120 billion in private sector focused asset purchases....
Към 30 ноември 2019г. брутният премиен приход на животозастрахователните компании в България е над 452 милиона лева, а заедно с прихода, който реализират клонов...
From of January 1, 2020, the minimum wage in Bulgaria becomes BGN 610, which is about EUR 312. From 2021, the minimum wage is expected to rise to BGN 650, about EUR 332.
Nine employers' and industry associations in Bulgaria, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Finland and Sweden have opposed the requirement that heavy vehicles be required to return to their countries of origin after delivery of the goods, as this would harm on all sid...

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