On November 19 was held the annual meeting of Parker Russell International. Due to the Kovid 19 pandemic, the meeting was held online. Each member shared the challenges facing his country's business in a pandemic. They were accepted new members from Georgia, Bahrain and Qatar.
DSK Bank already taxes deposits of companies over BGN 200,000 with 1% per annum, which is practically a negative interest rate. For amounts up to BGN 200,000, it deducts fixed fees at zero yield. At Raiffeisenbank the threshold for taxation is BGN 400,000, and the yield is 0%. Almost a...
The change in the name of our company is a consequence of a change in the name of the international network of which we are a member, which is now called Parker Russell International. In all other aspects of our business, as well as in our contacts and details, there is no change.
The traffic on the third metro line in Sofia should start by the end of August. The section between "Krasno Selo'' and ''Vladimir Vazov'' stations will be put into operation....
The plants in the Trakia Economic Zone did not stop production during the Covid-19 pandemic. The management of the zone is working on 6 new investment projects and expects investments of 50 million euro in 2020, which will create 1,000 new jobs near Plovdiv.
The term for preparation of the internal rules under the LMML has been extended. All companies that are obliged to prepare such rules must do by August 21, 2020. After preparing the rules, they should not be sent to SANS.

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