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Accounting Services

- Accounting in accordance with Bulgarian and International accounting standards;
- Booking of accounting entries for customer invoices and payments;
- Booking of accounting entries for supplier invoices and payments;
- Booking of customs declarations;
- Booking of bank and cash payments;
- Booking of payroll entries;
- Monthly calculation of advance and non-corporate taxes, and preparation of the respective payment orders;
- Preparation and keeping of a Non-current assets register, calculation and booking of depreciation, keeping of a Tax depreciation allowances register;
- Preparation and submission of a monthly VAT declaration, VS declaration, sales and purchases ledgers, and other declarations based on the VAT Law;
- Preparation and submission of a monthly INTRASTAT declaration;
- Comprehensive monthly accounting service package.

Payroll and social security:
- Payroll preparation, calculation of social security and personal income tax payments for payroll, service contracts, shareholders, and directors, and preparation of the respective payment orders;
- Preparation and submission to the respective authorities of reports and declarations on social security payments;
- Preparation and submission of a monthly protocol for sick leave payments from social security;
- Preparation of documents for retirement, bank loans and other forms required by personnel.

Financial and accounting reports:
- Preparation of standard monthly Income statement and Balance sheet as per the Bulgarian accounting legislation;
- Preparation of monthly and quarterly management accounting reports and other reports in a format predefined by the client;
- Preparation of statistical reports;
- Preparation of consolidated financial statements.

Tax planning and tax advise:
- Preparation of an individual tax strategy for each client;
- Participation in tax and social security revisions of the client and registration for the applicable tax laws;
- Preparation of all necessary papers for the application of Double Taxation Relief;
- Registration of foreign entities for VAT and via place of business activity.

Other services:
- Audit – our audit team can provide both the statutory required audit by a professional Bulgarian registered auditor and an audit in accordance with the International Accounted Standards that will be accepted by your international partners;
- Due Diligence – our role is to review financial records and provide the potential investor or purchaser with critical information, either to confirm representations made, or provide feedback to renegotiate the terms. Our team has Bulgarian, as well as international experts.

Additional services that we can provide upon client’s request:
- Legal services;
- Real Estate Agency;
- Recruitment agency;
- All kinds of insurance;
- Occupational health services;
- Computer, software and other IT services;

Contact Address:

Sofia 1000,
 73 "Vasil Levski" blvd.

phone: +359 88 884 70 45

phone: +359 88 86З 31 73

phone: +359 2 980 13 27

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