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About Us

Andiel Parker Randall is a limited liability company represented by Rumen Obreshkov and Tsvete Obreshkova(ACCA). The company holds a "Trustworthy Company" certificate from a representative survey financed by EU programs.

The company was established in 1997 and in the beginning of 2007 became a member of Parker Randall International, a world-wide organization of independent professional accounting and audit firms. Our member firms can assist you in the following countries:

Argentina   Spain   Malaysia   Singapore
Brazil Caiman Islands Nigeria China
Guatemala Cyprus Pakistan Cyprus North
Germany Kenya Paraguay Turkey
Denmark Cоlombia Peru Netherlands
Egypt Lebanon Romania Hong Kong
India Malta Russia Chili
Indonesia Mauritius Costa Rica Uruguay
Italy Mexico Saudi Arabia Ecuador

Andiel Parker Randall Ltd provides consulting and accounting services to companies from different business segments – advertising, transportation, manufacturing, domestic and foreign trade, telecommunications, real estate, and others. Another primary activity of the company is the delivery of consulting services in the sphere of life-insurance and retirement planning. Andiel Parker Randall Ltd offers the products of the largest foreign companies in the industry operating on the Bulgarian market.

Working languages - Bulgarian, English and Russian.



Contact Address:

Sofia 1000,
 73 "Vasil Levski" blvd.

phone: +359 88 884 70 45

phone: +359 88 86З 31 73

phone: +359 2 980 13 27

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