Bulgarian innovation drive away birds from the world airports

More than 12 years ago, "Volakom" developed the first bird-prevention system for Sofia Airport. Bird-to-aircraft collisions carry significant financial and material damage but, above all, pose a serious threat to aviation safety. The bird expulsion method patented and used by "Volacom" is based on a unique Acoustic Startle Reflex (ASR) that affects all kinds of birds without the ability to get used to it and be stressed. "Volakom" has three realized industrial projects in Bulgaria, two at international airports in Africa and Europe, as well as a demonstration system in the US and Saudi Arabia. Currently, the company has signed contracts for representation in the US, China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and others. The last Volakom's partnership contract was signed with one of the largest Japanese corporations at the beginning of the month, which has rialized for 2017 sales for over $ 100 billion.

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